Sleep Cheap and Play Great at Tahoe

Sleep Cheap and Play Great at Tahoe

Unbelievable, super, fantastic you won’t see this often but yes I am super pleased to announce that if you use the link on the home page of the Tahoe Gaming Guide, you can visit Harrah’s Lake Tahoe for only $59 a night yes that is per night, and not per person! This is totally unheard of You get a 500-square foot room, with two bathrooms, equipped with phones and televisions.. Not available weekends or November 23rd but the deal lasts thru December 20th Lake Tahoe has snow most ski resorts are operating already with limited lifts open, and Heavenly opens on the 18th of November Where else can you get deluxe accommodations in a world class destination resort for that price? Plus the great gaming offered it is truly one of a kind, and you can only get it thru the Tahoe Gaming Guide!

Lakeside Inn has been giving away lots of money lately they gave away yet another progressive keno jackpot making it two in the past two weeks somebody I know won $17,000+, and soon after, another lucky player hit the same bank for another $10,000 and then there was the $10,000 lucky nickel winner on the Fifty Play Poker Not too shabby for the little casino on the block!

Horizon Casino has been producing winner after winner and they too are offering a winter ski package comes with lift tickets and all for $80 per person, double occupancy plus tax, Sunday-Thursday, beginning November 19th (or slope openings) or for $98 per person on Friday and Saturday, you can get the SKIER SUPERSAVER which includes a guest room in the Aspen tower with a double bed, one lift ticket per person at Heavenly, Squaw Valley, Sierra-at-Tahoe, Kirkwood, or Northstar Ski Resorts Details available by clicking the skier on the Horizon’s progressive jackpots page on the Tahoe Gaming Guide And they have recently added many new Aussie-style nickel games to relax by and enjoy!

Caesars Tahoe is still having their “Road to Riches” Daily slot tournament. It ends with the final tournament where the top 100 highest individual daily scores will compete for $100,000 in cash the lucky winner going home with a cool 50 grand. I am number 71, or I was yesterday after hitting several high-scoring payoffs on the tournament machines! Plus, you can still play “Break the Bank” and have a chance at winning a million bucks! Membership in the Emperor’s Club is free what are you waiting for?casino chips

Harveys is still giving away jackpots and offering all kinds of upcoming tournament action even a Pai Gow tournament next year! Coming up later this month: John Kay and Steppenwolf in the Cabaret tickets are just $15 details on the Tahoe Gaming Guide on the Betway Canada jackpots page!

Now how about a chance to win up to $31 million? Look for the details on my home page! I think it’s great I will probably never win But hey after 289 straight days, I will try just about anything! I play daily just in case.

This is a great big thank you to all the people who took the time to respond both by email and by letters in the last week with all the positive input and happy thoughts maybe I will make it through this rather large hump. I don’t know how but I think I will. Everybody has been so great, and helpful That I will fight through this in order to continue to keep you posted on what’s up at Lake Tahoe! At least the gamblers can share my vision and slowly. ever so slowly so will the casinos.

Parking: This Too Shall Pass

Parking: This Too Shall Pass

Last week the City of Detroit ended its four-year campaign for gaming when its third and final casino, Greektown Casino, received unanimous approval to open from the State Gaming Control Board. Following the vote on Wednesday, Greektown began finalizing its operation and opened to the public on Friday, November 10, 2000 around 11:00 p.m.

The casino, which is located in Detroit’s Greektown entertainment district, features 2,416 slot machines, comprised of 285 video poker machines and 111 bartop games, and 103 game tables, of which 63 are blackjack tables, in its 75,000 square feet of Mediterranean-theme space. Additionally, the opening of Greektown Casino delivered approximately 2,400 new job opportunities for the City of Detroit

Greektown Casino is different from Detroit’s other two casinos, MGM Grand Detroit Casino and MotorCity Casino, because it was constructed in an already established entertainment district – Greektown. In an attempt to feed off the existing energy in the Greektown District, Greektown Casino’s developers designed a facility that encourages its patrons to visit other Greektown merchants for their entertainment needs. In this regard, Greektown Casino did not develop the number of restaurants in its property that are common in other more traditional casino complexes. In addition, it did not construct a massive parking garage to house its visitors. Rather, it developed a parking and restaurant plan that encourages it patrons to interact with Detroit’s downtown. In some cases this has resulted in persons having to walk a number of blocks to reach the casino or use the City’s People Mover. It is this component of the Greektown Casino that has received a great deal of attention as the casino completes its first week of business.

Feedback has been mixed regarding the parking situation. Benjamin Smith, a city development official, reported to the Michigan Gaming Control Board that the Greektown Casino is not to blame for a parking problem that has existed for some time. Guy Hillyer of Millennium Management, hired to oversee the casino’s operations, said casino patrons will have access to 3,400 parking spots during the day and more than 4,000 at night. Furthermore, squabbles over parking should be viewed as encouraging signs of downtown rebound, commented mayoral spokesman Greg cards

Aside from parking, long lines and a new atmosphere, Greektown Casino will now factor into the economic revival of Detroit. It is high time that parking be a problem in the City of Detroit. The success of Detroit will not hang on whether the Greektown Casino patrons can easily park and freely walk into its complex. The success of Detroit will result from the streets of downtown becoming full of potential consumers after corporate business hours. As people begin to walk the streets of Detroit during the night time hours, business entrepreneurs will see opportunities to entice these potential customers. It will not be long before entertainment and shopping merchants develop locations in the areas visitors to Detroit’s downtown are passing to reach Greektown and Detroit’s other entertainment venues.

The creation of Comerica Park (home of the Detroit Tigers), Ford Field (scheduled home of the 2002 Detroit Lions), residential housing in Downtown Detroit and the redevelopment of Detroit’s theater district in Harmonie Park along with the many other developments taking place in and around Detroit will result in such enormously popular attractions that people will look forward to fighting for a parking space in order to visit them. It will be at this time in Detroit’s revival that the critics of today will thank Greektown for investing in Downtown Detroit.

Increased Demand Seen For Canadian Online Gambling Software Developer

Increased Demand Seen For Canadian Online Gambling Software Developer

Rival interests were apparently set off by the Cdn $ 12.3 million offer made by Mark Blandford’s founder of Sportingbet, PEIC Acquisition group for Parlay Entertainment the Ontario-based gambling software developer, earlier this year. Just this week it seems that Parlay has been approached by at least two other companies interested in conducting due diligence prior to possibly purchasing the whole of the issued and outstanding company’s shares.

PEIC was given a window of opportunity that was available only until January 30th, since as a part of their agreement, Parlay agreed to not consider rival offers until that date. It now appears however, that the bidding is open for Perry Malone and Scott White’s Canadian-based company, which is a major developer of online bingo software.

Up until now, Parlay Entertainment has not let it be made known those that are involved in the new offers but it has stated that they are ‘superior’ to the PEIC bid. Previous to whatever the latest offer might be, the buyers were ready to pay between $1 and $1.20 cash per share. The offer by PEIC, which is a wholly owned subsidiary of Letton Investments Ltd., a Barbados-based company, is for 95 cents cash for each share.

For those parties over the next several weeks that are interested in doing due diligence, Parlay has made it known that its data room, which has been set up at its solicitors’ offices and which is currently available on a virtual basis, will remain available.

Parlay Entertainment has begun negotiations with these new parties and will continue to remain open to binding offers for the purchase of all of the issued and outstanding company shares by the end of February 2018.card and chips

A company spokesperson has made it clear that there is no assurance that any agreement will be entered into resulting from these negotiations regarding any expression of interest received by Parlay Entertainment, nor can is there any assurance that any proposals made would be completed or would be approved by the Parlay company shareholders.

Forces Pushing For Change

Forces Pushing For Change In Status Of Poker As Game Of Skill Rather Than Chance

It is agreed among reasonable individuals that when compared to such games of chance as roulette and craps, poker is in fact different. This is a fact that is not lost on the online poker playing patron.

In a recent trial in Colorado, determined to prove this idea, a man used this argument and was found to be not guilty of charges of professional gambling. It was the jury’s decision that the prosecution had failed to prove that the game of poker was not a game of skill. This serves to provide ammunition to those poker players who are attempting to bring about a change in state and even federal laws, to have them declare poker a game of skill and not bones

In Windsor Canada, Kevin Raley wanting to do his part in establishing cases of positive verdicts for poker and poker players says that poker players have to work together as a group regarding this.

When presenting his defense in the above case, testimony was given by a professor of statistics from the University of Denver, Robert Hannum. Professor Hannum wrote the “Practical Casino Math” and has done a great amount of research with regard to gaming modeling and applications. In a simulation with two players in a heads-up match, Professor Hannum once ran a billion hands. In the program designed by Hannum, one player was to play his cards randomly, while the other was programmed to raise when met with a certain number of select hands.

Ninety-seven percent of the hands were won by the player that was programmed to select his hands and raise them. This provided the jury a reason to see poker as a skillful way to pass the time.

The director for the Colorado chapter of the Poker Players Alliance, Gary Reed, said that if decisions like this one were to keep coming along, this would help the cause of the alliance. Freeing a man who ran a small no-limit hold ’em game, a Pennsylvania judge last week, ruled that poker was a game of skill.

It is the goal of the Colorado chapter to see the law changed, so that poker would be declared to be a game of skill. The alliance desires to see poker defined as a game of skill. With this change, poker could be offered to people in the same that fantasy football and other games such as solitaire are played for money.

It comes as no surprise to those who like to play online poker that poker requires skill. It’s only a matter of time before reasonable people will be able to get this across.