Entraction To Add New Fare to Its Line of Online Offerings

Entraction To Add New Fare to Its Line of Online Offerings

This Spring, in Europe, there will be a new offering by Entraction, the Malta based Sweden online gambling group. Entraction is probably more well known as 24hPoker, its former branding. The company has come to an agreement with NYX Interactive, the Scandinavian software company. The two are working together on the European spring launching of new online bingo offerings that will be made available through Entraction licensees.

Entraction believes that as a game of chance, online bingo will serve as a complement to its other product offering and will function well to attract new additional marketing target groups. Bingo is well known to be an extremely popular game as played offline and there is now a boom for online play, as it is fast becoming an progressively more competitive operational field of play.red chips

Entraction CEO Peter Astrom, has described bingo as the one block to complete Entraction’s company offerings and products and that its inclusion makes it now possible for its partners to offer their players an terrific gaming experience that can be played within a safe, regulated environment. Other products already being made available through Entraction to its partners include sports betting, poke, and various casino games.

NYX Interactive CEO Staffan Lindgren, says that his company sees the Entraction agreement as being important to its interests as well as its global ambitions. A user-friendly chat function is included by the company in its new product so as to enhance the online bingo experience. This plays well to the social nature of bingo which has made it so popular because of its interactive quality, according to CEO Lindgren. because the social nature of bingo makes player interaction a key feature, he said.

Dutch Justice Minister Acts to Introduce Regulations Against Online Gambling

Dutch Justice Minister Acts to Introduce Regulations Against Online Gambling

There are news reports emanating from the Netherl
ands, according to which Ernst Hirsch Ballin, the Dutch justice minister, is intending to crack down on illegal online gambling in Holland.

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Meanwhile it seems that there are some online gambling websites in that country that are attempting to influence the Dutch justice ministry. The ministry will be directing its efforts against both domestic as well as foreign-based gambling companies. In addition, the justice minister also informed the local banks that they risk being charged with legal actions, since if gambling websites are their customers, they would also be breaking the law.

At the present time, the entire gambling institution in the Netherlands is under government control. Unless they receive government permission, companies are not allowed to offer gambling. This is not a new thing in the Netherlands where last year in a request to local banks to not process their transactions, the justice minister named Dutch firm Oranje Casino and Swedish online gambling company Unibet.
Because of their unwillingness to open their gambling markets to the other EU members and to end their state gambling monopolies, the European Union is still having issues with the Netherlands, as well as Greece.

There are a plethora of such situations in the online gambling world. Revenues have generally increased for online gambling operators so that each is struggling to keep their own piece of the pie. But along with this there are rules and regulations and such rules and regulations are of little use if no one pays any attention to them. it may be said that this current attempt to restrict online gambling in Holland comes after what can be described as an already failed attempt on the part of the States at cracking down on the banks that are supporting online gambling. Using the same approach as the United States, the Dutch are continuing to fight illegal online gambling.

Canada Faces Challenges of Online Gambling

Canada Faces Challenges of Online Gambling and its Affect on the Young

In Canada, the issue of online gambling is becoming a major issue of debate of some import. One of those leading the debate is Robert Williams, a Lethbridge University academic. This is a name that is fast becoming synonymous with negative views with regard to this subject. In recent years the numbers of those participating in online gambling in Canada has been expanding with the point having been reached where more is being spent at online casinos than actually at land based casinos. As a result of this fast growth of the online gambling industry, Robert Williams, warns of even greater issues in the future with problem gambling in Canada stemming from this growing interest. According to Williams, greater accessibility and improved payout rates due to the relatively low overhead of an online site, acts to attract more players.

Williams has already been able to bring forth useful information, which arguably claims that the results of free-play results at online casinos are superior to that of the real-money gambling so as to deceive and entice players and to take their money, and at the same time, he reports that his studies clearly demonstrate that underage gamblers extensively use free-play facilities. In addition his studies show that as many as half of North American high school and post-secondary students have at one time or another taken advantage of free-play online gambling sites.

While in Canada the average monthly loss for all gamblers is $82, the individual loss for online Internet gamblers is $541. While the statistic for problem gambling stands at about 3 percent, this is increasing and it is reported that the majority of online gambling revenue is derived from this source. For the year of 2008, the estimated take worldwide in online gambling revenues reached $20 billion.

This figure comes from Williams’ report which was written in conjunction with the assistance of the Ontario Problem Gambling Research Centre.roulette

Despite Canadian restrictions that confine gambling to provincially approved operators, the Kahnawake First Nation online gambling licensing jurisdiction is allowed to host some 300 to 400 Internet gambling websites. Williams points out in his report that it is almost impossible to prohibit online gambling. He adds that the case of the Mohawks is unique in that they are so militant with regard to their advancing their sovereignty issues and because they represent such a sensitive area as regards the Quebec government that the government chooses not to prosecute.

Williams points out that since people are going to gamble anyway, it is better to carefully regulate it so as to reap the economic benefits while at the same time, increasing services for problem gamblers. He adds that now that online gambling has become a part of the country’s entertainment culture, the only way to protect and to better service gamers is to regulate it.

Advanced single-deck blackjack

Advanced single-deck blackjack

Casinos that offer Blackjack games in one pack are aware that they can be easily defeated by a counter that uses a large difference of betting and then try to play with a gap between 1 and 12 as I have pointed out for games with 6-packs and you’ll probably be a one way ticket to immediately leave the casino. This does not mean that you will be “identified” if you bet more than 5 chips in one hand, but I think it’s fair to say that making money with a good game with a single deck requires a larger bag of tricks than there is need for a game with 6 decks, then started the most logical thing, and that altered the game of your hand according to the count.cards on the chips

If you know how to count cards, you can use the count to know how much to bet on each hand, but you can also use it to help you play more accurately than any single hand. If you have studied my course up to this point, you know one of the key factors if you want to win at Blackjack is to leave the table when the True Count drops to -1 or lower, but this tactic is not very practical one deck, because only a few hands are dealt before shuffling.

Accordingly, you should play more with “negative” decks, but the good news is that a shuffle is never far away. At the same time, we know that the casino’s advantage increases as the count decreases, so we need to neutralize these negative effects as possible. As you play the game with a single deck, with many negative counts, what you need is to learn the game for hands like hitting 12 against the dealer’s 5 and so on. Low counts we must avoid double down or split pairs, and in their place we will have to pull. However we will not have to guess, but we need to learn the Basic Strategy variations for scores “low” as -2, -3 and so on. A realistic range for the True Count with a single deck is between -6 and +6 which covers 85% of all the hands you play, assuming a penetration of 63% which is very good.

Some players prefer to learn only the indices for some hands more likely, with the idea that they will get a hand like A, 4 on a 5 less than 100 times in every 100,000 hands of play, but more often have a 16 against 10. In this book, “Blackjack Attack” in the second edition, Don Schlesinger devoted a chapter to what he calls “The Illustrious 18? which are, in his opinion, the most important changes of the Basic Strategy. I’m not good at reproducing the original work of other authors, so I will refer to the book for a complete list if you think you can not store all the changes I’ve listed so far. Another idea worth considering is to not learn the indices below -2, with the rationale that, with these scores, you probably will bet the minimum allowed, so every game you error committed in the long run, will cost shortly. Or, would you want to learn only the indices to be making such bets extra, as in double and Divisions, with the idea that putting more money on the table must play the hand correctly.