Dutch Justice Minister Acts to Introduce Regulations Against Online Gambling

Dutch Justice Minister Acts to Introduce Regulations Against Online Gambling

There are news reports emanating from the Netherl
ands, according to which Ernst Hirsch Ballin, the Dutch justice minister, is intending to crack down on illegal online gambling in Holland.

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Meanwhile it seems that there are some online gambling websites in that country that are attempting to influence the Dutch justice ministry. The ministry will be directing its efforts against both domestic as well as foreign-based gambling companies. In addition, the justice minister also informed the local banks that they risk being charged with legal actions, since if gambling websites are their customers, they would also be breaking the law.

At the present time, the entire gambling institution in the Netherlands is under government control. Unless they receive government permission, companies are not allowed to offer gambling. This is not a new thing in the Netherlands where last year in a request to local banks to not process their transactions, the justice minister named Dutch firm Oranje Casino and Swedish online gambling company Unibet.
Because of their unwillingness to open their gambling markets to the other EU members and to end their state gambling monopolies, the European Union is still having issues with the Netherlands, as well as Greece.

There are a plethora of such situations in the online gambling world. Revenues have generally increased for online gambling operators so that each is struggling to keep their own piece of the pie. But along with this there are rules and regulations and such rules and regulations are of little use if no one pays any attention to them. it may be said that this current attempt to restrict online gambling in Holland comes after what can be described as an already failed attempt on the part of the States at cracking down on the banks that are supporting online gambling. Using the same approach as the United States, the Dutch are continuing to fight illegal online gambling.